5 Misunderstood Powers Of NO!

Hearing NO hurts most of us! Let’s be honest, it does!

What we fail to understand is that we can only make significant progress after this magic word enters the conversation — NO!

It can be a deal you badly wanted to close, a project which you badly wanted to take on board, a promotion or even proposing to that special person in your life. Your chances of getting a NO are equally matched with getting the ideal outcome.

NO is not actually a bad thing to hear in the initial phase of the above scenarios, all that matters is your attitude towards handling the objection and understanding exactly why got the NO.

Here are 5 Power Facts of the word NO!

  1. NO! Allows the actual issues brought forward

2. NO! Protects people from making wrong and ineffective decisions.

3. NO! Slows down the process to embrace their decisions and agreements they are entering.

4. NO! Helps people to feel secure, emotionally comfortable, and in control of their decisions.

5. NO! Moves everyone’s efforts forward.

It is very crucial to understand why people are saying NO and communicate in the prospect's language to move towards the ultimate YES!

If the prospect shoves a NO in your face, it doesn't mean that they don't like your offers; the real reason for their NO could be because they prefer to go through the process slowly and to be in control. Respect that motive and you will ultimately get your YES!



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